Jackie Ryan Memorial Award Winners

A group of Drapers recently went to Birmingham City University to see the Textile Degree Shows of two previous winners of the Jackie Ryan Memorial Award. The award, in connection with the Shresbury Drapers Textile Competition was created in 2016 to commemorate Jackie Ryan the founder and Managing Director of Tweedmill Textiles Ltd, Flint.

Lauren Davies and Amelia Roe were both students at Shrewsbury Sixth Form College before going on to study for a BA(Hons) in Textile Design at Birmingham City University. Both students are now going on to pursue a career in their chosen area of textiles.

Amelia Roe-Printed Textiles   Final Project Title: 'Dichromatism'

A menswear collection inspired by the lustrous play of colours found within creatures of the natural world. Iridescent based animals are juxtaposed with the modern geometric aspect of design. Illustrative motifs are accentuated by bold colours, providing a new and optimistic approach to menswear.

Lauren Davies-Embroidered Textiles   Final Project Title: 'Crazy Coral'

Crazy Coral is based on the textures found at the bottom of the ocean juxtaposing against the traditional muted tones traditionally found of the sea. This collection of work is to provide the viewer with a full sensory experience, with bright tones and accents of neon the hypertextural concept is one for the viewers indulgence. 



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